A few months back I spoke with Matt Gilgenbach of 24 Caret Games and he was seeking some other indies to fill his unlockable character slots for his upcoming PSN release of Retro/Grade. Retro/Grade is a shooter gone rhythm game where you play the whole thing in reverse. All those lasers and bombs you shot? Yeah, you have to suck those back into your little ship in order to right the temporal anomaly that’s caused time to flow backwards.

We were lucky in that 24 Caret Games allowed us to put Octodad in as an unlockable character for all of you guys to play around with. (We particularly like him with the combination of Big Head Mode, and are honored to have him be part of the game.) Retro/Grade was released today and everyone with a PS3 should go buy it from the PSN as it’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else!