A pixelated dad, courtesy of Sara G. AKA TwoBitArt

Sometimes Octodad is in the news, and sometimes people say some nice things about it. Dadliest Catch for instance has been getting a solid amount of attention in people’s “Most Anticipated Games of 2013” lists. In case you don’t follow us on twitter or like us on facebook we figured it might be good to consolidate all these links to one place of maximum linkage.


We made IndieStatik’s top 50 most anticipated games of 2013 list

Ambrielle from Alienware Arena also reviewed the original Octodad

TimeOut Chicago Kids says Octodad: Dadliest Catch is one of the biggest reasons for Chicago families to be excited about 2013

Dadliest Catch is #88 on GamesRadar’s Top 100 most anticipated games of 2013

Geisler got his say on the Steambox in this Polygon article

We had 37k people viewing the Octodad speedrun as part of the Prevent Cancer Foundation charity by Speed Run Demos Archive


Octodad was a little part of a book of poetry

We talked with one of our designers, John Murphy

Then John made it onto Develop Online’s fifth annual 30 under 30 list

Our creative director Kevin Zuhn made it onto the Independent Games Festival’s design jury

Kevin¬†Geisler showed off some of our editor’s fancy gfx features

We celebrated the holidays

Musing Games reviewed the original Octodad


Octodad’s 2 year release anniversary! (November 1st)