Last year we made our very first visit to Austin when we were a featured spotlight game at the super rad event Fantastic Arcade, part of Fantastic Fest, at The Highball.  While there we showed off the first Octodad in a really interesting arcade machine setup. This year we may not be part of the spotlight, but Octodad: Dadliest Catch will be there and playable on all the showcase laptops for ya’ll to try out! FOR FREE! So if you’re in the Austin, TX area be sure to come by and play Dadliest Catch along with all of the other spectacular titles we’re showing with.

We’ll also be manning our very own panel this Sunday at The Highball at 1:00pm. Our panel will be all about what we’ve been doing so far to make Dadliest Catch a bigger and better experience than the first Octodad. Including us playing through some fo the levels we’ve created so far with some on the spot developer commentary. Devon Scott-Tunkin, one of our programmers, and I will be in attendance to answer any octopi related questions you might have while sharing our deepest darkest secrets with the world. (Or just that room?)

If you come find us we’ll also have some super cool Octodad buttons to give away! (In limited supply of couuuuurse.)

– Phil