Octodad’s excited, and you should be too!

Come play Octodad: Dadliest Catch in person at PAX East in Boston, on March 22nd-24th! Visit us at booth 781. We’re part of the larger AMAZING Indie MEGABOOTH, and 6 of the 8 horses will be in attendance to show off our neat-o game for ya’ll.

Meet the PAX going horses:

  • Majdi Badri – Designer, Writer
  • Kevin Geisler – COO, Programmer, Producer
  • John Murphy – Designer
  • Seth Parker – Music/Sound Design
  • Devon Scott-Tunkin – CFO, Programmer, Artist
  • Phil Tibitoski – CEO, Community Manager, Biz Dev
Sadly, Chris Stallman our Lead Artist and Kevin Zuhn our Creative Director/Designer/Writer/Artist/Jack of all trades had to stay at the Corral to continue work on the game.

We’ll be there to answer any questions you have or just chat it up about your favorite games. We could even talk about the oatmeal flavors that best fulfill your morning needs for sustenance!

Our proposed booth layout from our meeting this past Sunday. Readable, right?
Our proposed booth layout from our meeting this past Sunday. Readable, right?

Find out more after the break!

You can dad how you want to

You’ll be able to play the game in a few different ways. Some of these we’ve never let the majority of the public try up until……NOW.

  • Mouse + Keyboard: Play the game with the original vanilla control scheme of Mouse + Keyboard. High fidelity and old-school.
  • Xbox 360 Controller: Console gamer/Steambox hype-evangelists rejoice! The controller is particularly great for running around in legs mode if I do say so myself. This will also be a standing station so you can show off your mad crazy octo-skills to the MEGA-crowd behind you.
  • Touch: Kevin recently got the game up and running on his Surface Pro and so touch controls work in Win7/8. This is a nice little jumping point if we decide to make that mobile leap. Access to this will be limited, but maybe if you ask us real nice-like you can give it a go.


We decided that it was about time to retire the old shirt from our con/festival cavalcade and so I’m happy to introduce to you our new Octodad: Dadliest Catch shirt designed by our lead artist Chris Stallman and re-appropriated for t-shirt form by our programmer Devon Scott-Tunkin.

Now the dad can be with you wherever you go! On your chest…

These shirts are being physically created by our lovely friends over at Level Up Studios who also work with Team Meat and our BFFs at Vlambeer. This ultra-rad shirt will be available to buy over at the Team Meat/Level Up booth, number 178,and any proceeds we get will go directly into our effort to release the game. We’ll also have a few at our booth, maybe we’ll even give some away?

Buttons buttons buttons. We noticed that you guys and gals loved the buttons we brought with us to PAX Prime back in August and so we decided to print some more for the PAX East crowd who couldn’t make it out to Prime. These will be at our booth and will be entirely FREE.

If you don’t have the dough for a shirt, grab a button.

Also, make sure to put your photobooth pants on, because we’ve got something special in store.

Imagine the kids heads cut out of this banner and replaced with your own.

See you there!

– Young Horses <3