We couldn't manage all of us in one photo. So from left to right, phantom Kevin Zuhn, Majdi Badri, John Murphy, Me(Phil Tibitoski), ghost Devon Scott-Tunkin, Seth Parker, Chris Stallman, and Kevin Geisler.

People always talk about how important things like team building and vacations are. Around June of this year we realized that we had actually been a team and had been working on Dadliest Catch for an entire year already. We’re always keeping track of how much work is getting done every week and things like that, but to realize you’ve been working on a project for an entire year is sort of a jolt to the brain.

Dadliest Catch is probably the longest running project any of us have worked on before when it comes to games. With all of us either working full time jobs and working on the game or working full time on the game itself we had yet to really take any sort of big break to recharge our horsepower. Geisler came up with the idea that maybe we should go on a team vacation and once we all hopped on board with the idea we ended up deciding to rent a cabin in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

We all had a pretty amazing time, and it allowed us to come back to Chicago to start kicking some serious ass on the development of the game again. It also did a great job of providing some perspective on things while giving our hivemind brain some time to sort of process everything that’s gone on in the past year.

Geisler’s car broke down about 2 hours from our destination, John and I swam under a freakin’ waterfall, we played some board games, and even watched all 3 Jurassic Park films. (Even the awful ones, aka 2-3.) Oh, and we ate at Applebee’s.

We figured we’d share some of our pics that we took while we were out.

Coincidentally we didn’t have food catered or hold a depth-jam.

Pictures after the break.

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