A man once was walking down the street. Behind him he heard a sound like the popping of wrappers and the pulling of suction cups. The man quickly turned around, but there was nothing there.

Frightened, the man began to walk faster. The sounds resumed, every now and then he swore that he heard something like mouth farting too. Soon he began to to run but the sounds kept pace. A burbling was begining to add to the cacophony just as he reached his front door. The man turned around again and the noises stopped.

The man threw open his front door ran into his home, closed and locked his door and sat on his couch with a sigh of relief. Then he heard it. It started slowly, a tapping. Like something without hands was holding something and rapping it against his door. Slowly the man stood and made his way to the door. He grabbed a cleaver that he kept close by for just such an occasion.

Taking a deep breath he threw the door open.

“OCTOPUSSSSS!” Fujimoto cried and threw the cleaver.

Nobody was at the door.


Or a video of animation skinning, transformation, and physics glitches during the preproduction of Octodad: Dadliest Catch.