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Moving as Only City Slickers Know How

Moving isn’t an easy thing to do when it’s just yourself, or you and your significant other, whether that’s in Chicago or Piermont Grand, Singapore. Moving in Chicago under those same circumstances becomes even more difficult due to the insane proximity of all buildings and the general need for a truck rental. Have you ever driven a huge 16 foot moving truck through alleyways or narrow streets while people continuously honk at you and complain about your very existence in their little world(s)? How dare you actually get in their way for more than a 10 second time-span! Moving from apartment to apartment in Chicago should really be considered some sort of horrific Olympic sport. Try moving out as quickly as you can in order to move the truck everyone is mad at for blocking the alley and then do the same thing moving in across town where everyone is still pissed you exist in their space. All while trying not to crash a humongous truck into all the various little cars. So fun!

Now do this with five people’s worth of stuff…

Although this sounds like a huge hassle we were really in dire need of a new larger space for the Young Horses corral. Try spending a year sitting in one room where if you back up more than a foot you hit someone else. We were originally looking at a for rent aurora apartment but we’re pretty happy with our new house now. It’s in a great location too!

celebrate the move in

To celebrate the successful move we decided to watch Indie Game: The Movie with the Team Meat commentary on our big new wall. That's John, Me, Devon, and Chris left-furthest back to right. Geisler is taking the picture and Zuhn is hiding behind me.

Read after the break for a bit more info on the move and plenty more pictures!

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What Indie Dreams Are Made Of

When we began to create Octodad, we never thought that one day we would be here working on a bigger and better sequel while being supported by the community at large. Although development is going as scheduled, I think we’re all in bit of a stupor as to the fact that it’s really happening. I myself can’t believe that I’m actually in a sense getting paid to MAKE VIDEO GAMES. I know that most of us have been dreaming of doing just this almost our whole lives and now that it’s finally here, it’s no less than a breathtaking endeavor.

Our largest inspirations for making games probably come from our wacky senses of humor. We’re always joking around about something in order to not go completely insane while being cooped up in one room for so long with the same couple people every day. Not that we don’t love one another to death, but something has to keep it light in here while we take on what is probably the largest challenge of our young lives. All of us spend somewhere between 30 and 50 hours a week working on the game so we’re pretty much a family at this point. :)

We’ve been rolling along now for a few months taking care of a bunch of pre-production business and getting the Kickstarter ready to go, but now we’ve gone into full-on development! It’s pretty damn scary, but also incredibly exciting at the same time. I personally have been having a bit of a rough start due to my computer crapping out at random times, but luckily I’ll be ordering a new one for development soon. I’ve been making due for a while now just hitting save as often as possible, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous at this point.

Young Horses Office

Young Horses "Office"

Recently most of us moved into a new place and we’ve designated this dining room as the Young Horses office space. We’ve got about six desks in here at the moment and there’s another on the way, but as you can see we’re nice and cozy. It’s pretty great being able to just turn around to ask a question or discuss something with a part of the team at any time. Up until now we’ve mostly been communicating via things like Skype, gChat, and email which just can’t match the efficiency of face-to-face.

Scrum and Problem Solving Area

Where problems are solved and plans are made.

Like I said before, we’ve already been hard at work as you can tell from both the boards behind Chris’s, our lead artist, desk. We’ve just made it through our first real sprint and things are looking good!

Chris's Desk

Chris's Desk

To the left you can see Chris’s fancy Cintiq which he spends countless hours on doodling up all sorts of Octodad wizardry for all of you. I’m also loafing about in the background there writing this very post.

Our mantle.

Our indie mantle.

Our mantle is covered with Octodad related goodies at the moment including a couple of the Kickstarter prize prototypes that we’ll be throwing into production quite soon. Devon, who’s one of our fancy programmers, sits on that shiny green ball all day and bounces along while typing like some sort of mad man. We also managed to slip away from the IGF pavilion at this year’s GDC with our cool marquee intact!

– Phil

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