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Oh, the Places You’ll Blub!

I remember sitting in class around second or third grade doing my best to pretend like I was paying attention to the “fascinating wonders of the world” which my teacher had attempted to bring to the class. In reality I was doing my damnedest to perfectly copy the splendorous etchings that were plastered onto trading cards. The Pokemon Evee was giving me serious trouble and seeing how simple a drawing it was you can tell why I turned out to be a programmer.

I never thought in a million years that someone would then turn around one day to spend some time and love crafting a little tribute to something I’d helped to create. Well here we are. If I told my younger self about this he would probably be jumping up and down. I present to you our little collection, so far, of Octodad related fan art we’ve gotten via submissions and just stumbling upon it from being super internet creeps.

We tried to get the artists names or handles to go along with each. If you’d like to see a larger version just click on the image. They’re in no particular order.

You can also look at the full album here if you don’t want to scroll forever. Thanks again for all the fan love!

<3 Phil

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