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How to Mod Octodad Levels

(Windows only, sorry!)

Disclaimer: This is really only for hardcore people who want to play around a bit with the levels.  The tools we originally used to make this game are pretty crude and buggy, so only recommended for people with a lot of patience and curiosity!  Unfortunately, we can’t offer any support or updates for this editor because we’re busy with the development of Dadliest Catch.


OctodadEditor was made after the project was submitted to IGF and is the basis of the editor for Octodad: Dadliest Catch.  We have a version that works with the original game, however it is an early build and also buggy.  You will probably find it much friendlier than irrEdit (detailed below) in many ways.  It supports playing the game in editor and has some undo/redo support.

Download here: OctodadEditor

You must extract OctodadEditor.exe to the install directory of the game:
C:Program FilesOctodad (32-bit) or C:Program Files (x86)Octodad (64-bit).

Loading a level

Go to File, Open, and browse to C:Program FilesOctodadContentLevels
Select any file you want to edit.


  • Press F5 to play the level in editor.  Press F4 to play the level in editor, spawning Octodad at the camera location.
  • Any content you create (including new levels) must be placed in the Content folder.  You can create your own folder as long as it is somewhere inside Content.
  • You must edit existing levels if you want to play them outside the editor.  For instance, L0Tutorial or L1Kitchen.irr.
  • The level files are technically just XML, so you can hand-edit them if you’d like.
  • Irrlicht supports many file formats, such as .obj, .x for models, .jpg, .png for textures and more. Check it out here:
  • The editor functions similar to irrEdit, the first scene editor we used. A quick howto on how irrEdit works can be found here:
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