September 2011

Fantastic Arcade Recap

Fantastic Arcade was more fun than GDC (for the most part). There I said it and I meant it. The thing that I thought was great about FA was its generally cozy atmosphere. Players came and went with no fuss or hurry that you might see at something like GDC. Lines for games were relatively short, people were friendly, and the tension was low. Everyone was at FA to enjoy the games, each other’s company, and the cool opportunity to speak with devs one on one about their projects.

A young cephalopod admirer.

A young cephalopod admirer.

Keep reading for a magic carpet ride to the land of shakey faces…

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Octodad Comics: Career Day Epilogue

The guys keep complaining that I spend too much time on these comics, so as a punishment they’ve banished me to the tiny computer in the corner. It only has enough RAM to handle three comic panels at a time, and it doesn’t even have colored pixels! Under those circumstances, here is the ending to the Career Day saga!

Next week, expect the unexpected, as I finally let other members of the team show off their comic stylings!

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Octodad Comics: Career Day 6

Thrills! Chills! Medical bills! It’s Career Day! Tune in next time for the ending epilogue.

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Octodad with 2 New Levels! (v1.5 For Mac Released with OS X Lion Support)

Get it here.

Ok, windows users already got this update more than a month ago, but now all our OS X friends and dads can play the two extra basement levels too. As an added bonus I fixed some rendering bugs that made the game wonky looking on OS X Lion. Octodad now supports OS X 10.5.8 – 10.7+. We don’t have a lot of Macs to test on so if you have any issues be sure to email devon at

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Octodad through Time

The original Octodad went through a lot of iteration before getting to where it was for the IGF. We thought it’d be interesting to share some screenshots of its state throughout development.

More screenshots after the break…

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Fantastic Arcade!

Fantastic Arcade

For the past month or so we’ve been sitting on the news that Octodad 1 was accepted into the Fantastic Arcade showcase. Now the bomb has been dropped from on high a top the Fantastic Fest news feed and we can share some cool things with you. Fantastic Arcade is a game festival which is still pretty new. Last year they featured games like Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation, FEIST, Monaco, Machinarium, Nidhogg, Braid, Canabalt, and many many others.

We here at Young Horses feel so utterly and completely honored to be featured among the great titles in this year’s festival. We were lucky enough to be featured in the festival’s main competition where we’ll be sharing some arcade space with such monstrous titles as: Capsized, Faraway, Fez, FRACT, Jesus VS. Dinosaurs, Radical Fishing, and Skulls of the Shogun. There are also 13 other great games being featured at Fantastic arcade: Banker’s Dozen, Bit Pilot, Deep Sea, Dyad, Hohokum, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Lost Mars, Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog, Owlboy, Salome, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, They Bleed Pixels, and last but not least Ute (A game for adults).

You can find a press release including trailers for each game here at the Austin Independent Game Collective Juegos Rancheros.

Read more if you’d like to find out what we’ll be doing at the festival!

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Octodad Comics: Career Day 5

In this comic, secrets are revealed and new conflicts arise. I wonder, has anybody had a career day quite like this?The Chef learned his disguise techniques from watching Octodad

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Oh, the Places You’ll Blub!

I remember sitting in class around second or third grade doing my best to pretend like I was paying attention to the “fascinating wonders of the world” which my teacher had attempted to bring to the class. In reality I was doing my damnedest to perfectly copy the splendorous etchings that were plastered onto trading cards. The Pokemon Evee was giving me serious trouble and seeing how simple a drawing it was you can tell why I turned out to be a programmer.

I never thought in a million years that someone would then turn around one day to spend some time and love crafting a little tribute to something I’d helped to create. Well here we are. If I told my younger self about this he would probably be jumping up and down. I present to you our little collection, so far, of Octodad related fan art we’ve gotten via submissions and just stumbling upon it from being super internet creeps.

We tried to get the artists names or handles to go along with each. If you’d like to see a larger version just click on the image. They’re in no particular order.

You can also look at the full album here if you don’t want to scroll forever. Thanks again for all the fan love!

<3 Phil

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