December 2012

Happy Holidays

Our Art Director Chris Stallman whipped this up for everyone. Thank him! He works so hard. (Seriously, thank him.)

I’m sure at this point you are all bracing your inboxes and social feeds for Holiday Impact™ from the swarm of good tidings and cheer. While some of this can seem far from genuine and a clear adherence to form, we at Young Horses want to wish you all the best. No matter what you celebrate or if you celebrate nothing at all we thank you for all your support in the last year. (Heck, in the last forever.)

I was watching the new Minecraft/Mojang documentary from 2PlayerProductions and it just made me feel so grateful for the audience we have with Octodad. We aren’t as cool or popular as our friends at Mojang, but I think we can still very much relate to the fact that we could not be doing what we are at the scale we are without our players and fans.

We really hope Dadliest Catch will be able to fullfil your wishes once we release it upon the world. Until then we’ll continue to do our best in keeping you all up to date on how we’re doing. If you think we could be doing something better or talking more about something you’d be interested in just let us know!

Merry Christmas!

– <3 Young Horses

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Horse Talk: Old Johnny Rocking Horse

John is.

‘Horse Talk’ is a series here on the Octodad blog where we run intra-team Young Horses interviews. The first 2 or so questions are the same for each horse, but afterwords we crowd-source the team for things they’d like to ask the interviewee.
Who are you and what is it that you do at Young Horses?

I’m John. I used to do production, but now I do design!

What are your favorite games and why?

Johann Sebastian Joust and Red Rover because I only like games that involve physicality and awkwardness.
Resident Evil 2 / Silent Hill 2 because I only like games that make me feel fear/anxiety.
Pandemic because I only like board games where everyone loses.
Psychonauts because it is awesome.
Right now I can’t stop playing Super Hexagon.

How did you get into game development?

I always liked games. I remember being five and throwing a fit playing Mario, screaming “THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN” when I’d fall in a pit due to bad hit detection. But I didn’t think that making games was a feasible profession, due to being totally ignorant about what it entailed, so I went to college for the other thing I’ve always wanted to do: conservation biology. But then I decided that research science would not be that interesting to me (I like building things more), so I went to grad school for game dev.

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