November 2011

The Post MineCon Post: Octodad 2 in The Wild

As soon as we heard about MineCon we knew we had to go and support the indie juggernaut that is Minecraft in its grandiose release. Before going much further I want to take this chance to thank everyone involved with MineCon and everyone that attended MineCon for supporting us. Markus, Daniel, Lydia, Christine, all of the other developers, and many more really welcomed us with open arms. We felt very at home with you all and the whole event was just a fantastic showing of community strength that surrounds indie games as a whole.

We applied to show off Octodad through the MineCon website and a few months later we found out that we were accepted to showcase the game in the expo hall at the “Indie Theater”.

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This is the little indie pavilion.

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Octodad Comics: Beauty is Pain

This weeks disturbing comic comes from Devon with his interesting Sunday funnies art style.

Beauty is Pain

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Octodad Comics: The Talk

It’s monday, and in addition to rousting our lazy butts back to work after our rousing success at Minecon this weekend (post incoming), it’s also time for an Octodad comic! This one is brought to you by Ben Canfield, artist guy!

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Octodad Comics: Presidential Dad

Now for a fun guessing game! Was this comic drawn by a six-year-old fan of Octodad which I was guilted into posting due to a tragic but hopeful backstory written in crayon, or was it drawn by our sound guy, Seth Parker? Which of those options is more depressing?

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MineCon Super Fun SurpriseVille Deluxe O’Tron

So we’ve been looking for a time and place in which it would be opportune to show off the new game in motion to the public. A few months back we submitted Octodad to be displayed at MineCon and by way of luck or maybe love we were accepted to show off the game! Technically we were cleared to show off the first game, but maybe we’ll sneak in something special for all of you to give you a look at our shiny new baby toy man Octodad 2.

We get about 20 minutes to present whatever we like in the Indie Theater. Our presentation is on Friday, Nov. 18th at 7:30 pm PST. Be there if you’d like to see what we’ve really been up to since our Kickstarter ended.

We’ll also have a nice little kiosk setup in the expo hall so make sure to come by, play the game, and hang out with Kevin Geisler and I. We’ll probably be handing out some goodies as well.

Look for this logo:


Kiosk Logo. Look for this and you'll find us!

– <3 Phil

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Octodad Comics: Detention

Here’s a comic from Chris! Everybody learn how to solve problems like an Octodad…

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