July 2011

Once Upon an Octodad…

The development of Octodad, his family, and the other characters in the original game took up quite a bit of our time in pre-production. We tussled with things like body shapes, colors, texturing styles, and general personalities when creating the characters that fill our world. We thought it might be cool to share some of our initial concepts for these characters and environments with you guys. Check it out!

Here’s a link to our gallery filled with concept art and early prototype screens.

And here’s a little playlist of concept renders:

– Phil

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An Overwhelming Sense of Support and Indie Love

To wake up this morning and be 34% funded was simply amazing. It has been a single day since we launched this campaign and the unwavering support we’ve received from everyone has just been absolutely fantastic. We really want to thank everyone for helping us reach our slippery tentacles a bit closer to our dream of making games for a living. We’re all extremely excited to be able to bring our ridiculous brain born love child to you all in the best possible way!

It seems as though some prizes are a bit more popular than others, and due to that we may increase the amount available. So, if there is ANY prize that you would either like to see that you think is something we could feasibly accomplish or if there is a specific prize you’d like to get but has run out just let us know in the comments section. We’ll do our best to raise and push our limits.

Keep spreading the word and thank you all again so very much!

P.S. Keep on the lookout for more updates. We’ve got some interesting stuff planned.


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Kickstarter and all things Young Horses!

Hey there old fans, new fans, and hopefully soon to be fans! We’re sorry that we’ve been working a bit under the radar lately, but that’s about to change. These past months, while we may have seemed dead or kidnapped, we’ve actually been preparing for the development of Octodad 2 and the formation of our new independent game development studio Young Horses. We have a ton of information, screenshots, development updates, and general thoughts to share with you all in due time.

The Young Horses Team

The Young Horses Team

Speaking of Octodad 2, OUR KICKSTARTER IS LIVE AS OF TODAY! Go check out our cool new teaser trailer for Octodad 2 and if you’re interested, you should check out some of our cool incentives/rewards for supporting us. The Kickstarter will last a month so rally up all your friends (and enemies?) and support Octodad 2 like we know you can! Tweet, retweet, like, +1, share, and post about us wherever you can. We really want to make Octodad 2 the best game possible and we need everyone’s help to make it happen.

From now on we will also be posting cool development updates on this blog to share with our fans exactly how the development of Octodad 2 is progressing. So if you’d like to stalk us (I would) I’d suggest checking back here at least once a week or so for updates. We have a lot of surprises in store for you all so stay tuned.

– Phil Tibitoski

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